Nursing Manequin/dummy

Nursing Manequin/dummy

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This model is developed for nurse training, is widely used in first aid and emergency rescue as well as the regular nurse training. This model is made according to the normal position and activities of the human body as much as possible. Each model is equipped with male and female genitalia, can exchange to use. Model of the arms, thigh and buttock have injection pads available training. This model is equipped with internal organs, not only for basic nursing, medical care available to use also. Made of PVC.


  1. Head nursing: face washing, eye drops, ear drops, oral care
  2. Holistic Nursing: sponge bath in bed, sitting sponge bath, wear clothes, cold or heat therapy
  3. Oxygen inhaling
  4. Nasal feeding
  5. Gastric lavage
  6. Tracheostomy care
  7. Study chest anatomical structure of vital organs
  8. Arm intravenous injection, transfusion training
  9. Injection Next Deltoid
  10. Intramuscular injection
  11. Male and female catheterization
  12. Enema
  13. Percutaneous transrenal stomy
  14. Study abdominal cavity anatomical structure of vital organs

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